Wednesday, June 22, 2011

talking points # 7 extended comments blog

For this blog I decided to the extended comment blog. I agree with Dean that in earlier years, that gays were always hidden or had some kind of major problem, whether it being a disease or coming to terms with having to come out. 

Keshia mentions that a normal teenager “makes fun of teachers, dine and dash, explore sex and hang out, talk and get kissed.” I think for some of that, it is true. Teens are constantly trying to find themselves through each other, sex and drugs. However, Glee’s portrayal of a “normal” gay, I feel is not represented correctly when it comes to Santana. I agree with Glee that glee club is not considered “cool” and being a part of it makes you a loser. I do agree with Keshia when she mentions that gays are portrayed as being inferior in this episode. Whenever Kurt is talking about his gayness or anyone else says anything, then it is always in a negative way. I do think that Glee did a good job with not making Kurt out as a diseased gay.

Whenever we watch something for class, we always have to keep in mind who gets rewarded and who gets punished. In Glee Santana gets punished for having sexual thoughts. She is no longer to finish what she had started with the boy in the Science room. Kurt also gets punished in the end of Never Been Kissed because when the boys are all have to apologize they make Kurt actually sing everything in the front.

I think that Glee is trying to be this show that has come along way from every other show. However, I don’t actually feel they do this. They still play into the stereotypes that kids are put into by the media and their peers.


  1. hi Sarah,
    Thanks I saw your comment.Of it is ok. I agree that the show plays on stereotypes.

  2. This post is great! I agree that the show still presents negative stereotypes about teenagers.