Wednesday, June 15, 2011

talking points # 6 'how being a good girl can be bad for girls' hyperlinks

When I read this article, I have to admit I just couldn't seem to grasp why any girl would put herself in a position to always be at a man's call whenever he needed her. Or why she isn't able to say 'No' and not feel so bad. So I started looking around and I sifted through different video's and I found this interesting video. It made the article a little more clearer for myself. Girls are taught at a very young age on how to dress, look and act around other's. They are expected to be everything and nothing all at the same time. This change though to teach girls that 'no is okay' is going to be a tough one. It's almost like all the adult women have to be reprogrammed on how to behave. I can say this though a good girl gone bad seems to be very appealing to men. However, I don't think the majority of men are ready for women to stand up for themselves. Because the second a woman does stand up for herself, then she is considered a bitch.

How is homosexuality presented in the film?

In the movie, a Brandon has been getting picked on for his sexual orientation. He then decides to enlist the help from Olive. However, Olive is not too happy about this and tells him to actually just hide his orientation until they graduate like every other gay does, however, he's not too fond of this idea. Homosexuality is also viewed through the religious group on campus. They seem to be very against the gays and even seem to try and 'save' them. However, by the end of the movie Brandon ends up running away because he still fears what people will think of his sexuality.

What would Tolman and Higgens say about this movies representation of sexuality?

I think that they would both say that Olive is being repressed. That if she was a boy, then she would not be getting hassled for anything she has done, but yet getting praised. It shows the gender roles we have for ourselves and other's. However, I feel that Tolman and Higgens would both be happy with the approach that Olive is taking (even though it is not traditional).

Why does media matter?

Media matters in this movie because that is a big way all the rumors are getting spread. However, Olive uses media to her advantage by making the video and telling her side of the story with no interruptions. So this movie shows how media can be used in a positive and negative way.


  1. Good post sarah, i did a extended comment on you!

  2. By being considered a "Good Girl" in our society today can be a bad thing because girls do not understand how to manage their own feelings and desires. This is a problem when a girl is raped. If she does not know about her own sexuality, she will more likely be confused about whether she consented or did not consent to the sexual act. If more girls know about their desires, it will be more clear to them, and will give them a voice to speak out against their attacker.