Sunday, June 12, 2011

'mastering your johnson' argument

This author Krassas argues that magazines in today’s times have become very explicit. Krassas begins with saying how women are being portrayed in magazines. Those women are placed in a certain position because that is the role they are expected to take on. However, when a male is portrayed, then he is always a dominant creature helping the situation. Another problem Krassas seems to have is the articles in magazines. Magazines today are all about subliminal messages through their articles. They are all about how a women or male should look, act or feel.

What I gather was Krassas’s main point was that magazines are just not what they used to be. All magazine’s care about today is sex and everything related to it. I personally, love Cosmo Magazine, however, I do enjoy the one heart felt story.  However, I feel that Krassas doesn’t seem to understand the new generation of magazine readers. Today’s readers, for the majority at least, do not care about issues in the world. What they care about is how to make them more valuable (as shallow as that may be.)


  1. I agree that most of the people who read magazines do not care much about serious issues. There are many gossip magazines and gossip television shows, but there are only news stories for serious matters.

  2. This is so true. Every magazine has articles about sex topics, and how to please your man. Its insane